Swine flu medication can be purchased online

There are a number of e-mails circulating at present which offer Internet users the chance to purchase Swine Flu medication online at reduced prices. They offer the chance to purchase anti-flu drugs without prescription or diagnosis by a trained doctor.

BuyMedication.info sent out a press release on the 6th of May stating that although stocks of Tamiflu(the recommended medication for Swine Flu)are running low in pharmacies and hospitals, it can be easily obtained without prescription from their website. Next day delivery is guaranteed.

“There is no need to go through the standard process of visiting your doctor to obtain a prescription. Don’t suffer during the waiting process, buy medication at BuyMedication.info and get quick relief.”

“If you or anyone you know requires treatment for swine flu, recommend purchasing Tamiflu at BuyMedication.info.”

Doctor’s fees add a significant amount on to the cost of treatment of this virus and therefore, self diagnosis and buying medication online seems like a more attractive option. However, this can lead to people taking unnecessary medication and cause them to build up a tolerance to properly prescribed medication in the future. This raises the question of whether or not the Internet is a help or a hindrance when it comes to the Swine Flu situation.



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