The Internet has replaced the teacher as the prime source of information and knowledge for pupils

Technology is playing an increasingly bigger role in education in Ireland. Students are  turning to the Internet in place of their teachers for information. Dr Chris Horn, founder of Irish computer company Iona Technologies, says that teachers need to make their job relevant in today’s Internet world. Students have learned never to rely on just one source, whether Internet based or not, and therefore they no longer take their teachers word as gospel.

When it comes to State exams, the web provides an unlimited amount of information for students – study notes, exam tips, podcasts etc. The information is provided in a more interesting manner than it is in conventional classrooms and this draws young people in. Blogging makes it easy for students to communicate with one another and for those doing exams, the Internet becomes a place of comfort and support. and are two of the most popular websites that students, both primary and secondary, turn to for information.


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