WolframAlpha – innovative new online search engine

WolframAlpha, innovative Internet software, will be launched later this month. WolframAlpha is a search engine that will understand questions in the same way that humans can and will give specific tailored answers to the questions. The search engine made its debut at a presentation made by its creator Dr Stephen Wolfram at Harvard University last week.

The video below shows footage of the presentation and gives an insight into how the search engine works. For example, when asked for the GDP of France, the search engine comprehends the question in the same way that a human would and gives a direct answer to the question.

As well as giving a direct answer to a question, WolframAlpha will generate a page of related information that the user may be interested to know. The search engine is based on Dr Wolfram’s best selling Mathematica software and all information is assessed by experts meaning that uncertainty regarding credibility of the information is ruled out. WolframAlpha will be free to use.

Click hereto read Dr Wolfram’s blog on WolframAlpha.


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