Find Madeleine McCann – Online Campaign

The 3rd of May marked the second anniversary of the disappearance of toddler Madeleine McCann from the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz. Her parents Gerry and Kate are still hopeful that their daughter can be found alive and they are committed to their ‘Find Madeleine’ campaign. The Internet plays a huge role in the search for Madeleine and has made it possible for the campaign to reach people worldwide. It has allowed the McCanns to give their case the maximum exposure possible.

Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann allows Kate and Gerry to communicate with Internet users across the globe and provide them with the most up to date information regarding their search. The site also provides an informal place for anybody with information on Madeleine’s whereabouts to come and they have the option to remain anonymous if they wish. Through this site, donations can be made to a fund that was set up to help finance the McCanns’ campaign. The Internet reaches huge volumes of people and so a website is the greatest tool that this campaign has. It can be linked to social networking sites and many of these sites also have their own dedicated Madeleine McCann pages. The Internet kept the ‘Find Madeleine’ campaign alive long after print media lost interest. Obviously the story is still featured frequently in British newspapers but without the Internet, the campaign would not have reached as many people worldwide.

Online news sites also play a key role in  the search for Madeleine. They provide dedicated pages where all the related articles ever printed on the case can be found. This is a great source for those wanting to research the topic and the fact that all the information available can be found in one place may ultimately help find Madeleine. is one such website to have a dedicated Madeleine McCann topic page.


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