Mourning the Death of local Newspapers

In an article written by Henry Porter titled “I mourn the death of local newspapers” he outlines the important role that local and regional media plays in society. From his time spent as a reporter at the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo he realised that local news played a vital part in the “quality of local life and the health of local institutions.”

He states that “all news starts off local” and that news found on the web will always be found first in a newspaper, maybe in a less developed form but the beginnings of the story will be there. In this article Porter makes reference to the fact that the future of local and regional newspapers is in danger and that closures of newspapers are becoming more frequent.

The interactive map below shows how many areas have been affected by newspaper closures since June of last year.

This crisis is being recognised by the National Union of Journalists which has been leading a campaign to fight newspaper closures and maintain quality local and regional journalism in particular.

The rise in the use of the internet as a source of news is being cited as a reason for the decline in the readership of local and regional newspapers. Follow the link below to listen to a discussion between Roy Greenslade of City University and Peter Barron from the Northern Echo on the future of local news.


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