The Future for Local and Regional Media: Inquiry by UK Parliamentary Committee

Newspaper closures are becoming more and more frequent and it seemed as though journalists were the only people concerned. Its difficult to come across non-journalists who are overly bothered by the decline in the value of print media, everybody has their own troubles, and so its nice to know that the British government have taken a step towards resolving the situation. The NUJ are also running a campaign to bring attention to the plight of journalists who are losing their jobs with every new closure but that’s to be expected of a journalism union. To see a government committee doing something is a pleasant surprise.

On the 25th March 2009, the UK Parliamentary Committee for Culture, Media and Sport announced a new inquiry into the future of local and regional media. The Committee is seeking the views of interested parties in the form of written submissions by 13th May 2009. Amongst other issues, the Commitee is seeking views on

  • The impact on local media of recent and future developments in media technology
  • The impact of newspaper closures on local journalism and access to local information
  • The role and effect of online search engines on local and regional media
  • Incentives for investment in local media

See the full release here.

In response to the launch of the inquiry, Online Journalism Blog is planning to submit a number of posts on the topic, along with blog comments, to the Committee before the 13th May.


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